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RSS feed Subscriptions

Posted by Legal / Medical Interpreter on 10/06/2009

….  to subscribe to the news updates of TrasArt install a post reader in your browser to manage all posts and blogs from sites that enable rss feeds. There are many rss ‘reader’ providers out there, and they all provide similar functions. If this doesn’t make sense to you but you have a gmail account, go to your account, click on Reader, activate your gmail reader account, and whenever you are browsing, or doing research and come across a site that has the rss feed / post subscription icon on it, you click it, then it takes you to your gmail reader, then it asks you to confirm your rss feed subscription to that site. —-> what is rss feed subscription to a site ?? —> it is basically like a periodical subscription from sites that you have interest in or sites that are part of your business, research, friends…. whatever it is…..  for exampl, i am subscribed to various rss feeds created for people that use blackberry phones, on a daily basis, i get automatic feeds into my gmail reader that come out of blogs, forums, and focus groups….  it is really useful… i don’t have to manage them at all…. it’s not like an email address…. you just let it pile up like a stack of newspapers and never have to get rid of them…. they stack up in chronological order, so you get the latest news first…. which is awsome because you can know what the latest news is for your interests…  another cool thing is that there is a search option for your subscriptions…. so if you are looking for a specific topic, you can search it and it will filter through all the articles in your subscriptions……. I hope this makes sense……  Maybe you find some use in it. The last thing to mention is that subscriptions do not intefere with your email at all…. it is not like you get alerted everytime an article comes in…. that would be crazy ….  just on one subscription alone for blackberry phones hundreds of articles come in in one day…..  Anyway…. I hope this ‘post’ has been enlightening for some.


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