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O Que Sera, que sera…Chico Buarque de Hollanda / Ivano Fossati

Posted by Legal / Medical Interpreter on 10/13/2009

This version is quite interesting… a language mix of Italian and Portuguese….

A Colleague of mine has great affinity for this classic  track… i recommend it to any guitar player out there to give it a shot by ear… in doing so you really get a glimpse into the sweet and rich mystery behind Brazilian chord progressions and dissonance ….

Dissonance Music
A dissonance is any combination of musical TONES not in a state of repose (consonance) that produces the feeling that movement or resolution toward the consonant state is required. Aurally, the distinction between consonance and dissonance is subjective, a difference between agreeable and disagreeable sounds. Dissonance makes the music more interesting because it breaks up otherwise unrelieved repetitions of the primary triads . The earliest categorization of consonance and dissonance was made by the Greek philosopher and mathematician PYTHAGORAS OF SAMOS. Although mathematics and the science of SOUND AND ACOUSTICS have figured in the distinctions between consonance and dissona…


2 Responses to “O Que Sera, que sera…Chico Buarque de Hollanda / Ivano Fossati”

  1. Violet Romero said

    thanks for sharing 🙂

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