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Spanish Vocab for written Interpreter Exam

Posted by Legal / Medical Interpreter on 10/17/2009

….  GRE, and Advanced Spanish Vocab—> for those that know what I’m talking about….  IT IS REALLY HARD TO FIND THIS KIND OF RESOURCE, especially in Spanish !!   Subscribe to my post at to stay up to date with this type of info.  Share, Comment, and Interact !!

set up a reader account (I use google reader, it’s good because you can sync it to mobile) Anyway, with a reader account, you can subscribe to my posts for free, and get the up to date posts that i will be publishing on an ongoing basis. My attempt will be to provide resources and discussions based on the comments you leave…..

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Subject: [preparingforexam] Re: Books I used to improve my Spanish grammar

Yeah… i get your point on memorizing vocab… I think it is necessary, but not entirely the whole angle for successful studying..

If I may include some books…..

I took a Spanish literature class at UC Berkeley, and we had a book that was like a reader of collections of short stories, poetry… etc… those are good to get and read … you could find them by doing research on your local universities as to what books are being issued for advanced Spanish Lit. courses… for my location, I will investigate CalState, UCI, and Chapman…

Another book list to consider is anything written by Marquez, like 100 years of Solitude…. that is something of top notch. Another idea is Cervantes with Don Quixote de la Mancha…..Pablo Neruda is also good to read….


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