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Blackberry and other smartphone users, training and studying for Spanish English Translation/Interpreting

Posted by Legal / Medical Interpreter on 10/25/2009

No spam, no advertisement translation app for blackberry!! it is awesome people. It is powered by google and uses the same data base that google translate uses to spit out translations. Comes with great looks, and extras in the menu options like send translation to email, mms, sms…  also easy ‘swap’ function to toggel back and forth in languages. All languages compatible.Comes with cool looking red book icon for bb screen. I believe it is also available for iphones and other smartphones.

Easy ‘over the air’ programming. The quickest way is to get it is to text BBAPP to 44636. If you don’t trust it and want to do more research on it, research bbtran,

I use it all the time for translations, and on the go interpreting.


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