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Global Dynamics in the Translating Industry

Posted by Legal / Medical Interpreter on 01/26/2010

Conversation between Rod and Syed (translating industry)



office: 310 906 0123

mobile: 949 306 5312

United States, California

Syed Rayees

International Translating Company

192 Lexington Avenue Suite 2001

New York, NY 10016

Ph:  347-515-2131, Toll Free: 877-483-7480

Fax: 914-664-8772, 212-689-1514

Initial Post:

We are looking for a translator familiar with legal documents and certificates. This might be an urgent project. To be completed by 2:00 CST. Please respond only if you live in the USA.

Dear Syed,

I specialize in legal documents and certificates. Please visit my website link under my picture below to view samples. My rates are negotiable.

Dear Rod,

Thank you for responding and showing interest. We have already assigned this project to other translator. Now that we have your information we’ll send some other projects to you in future.

Dear Syed,

Too bad you assigned someone already. Count me in as your best candidate for upcoming projects. If you haven’t already, you may learn more about me and my work through web link under my picture below. Thanks so much and I hope to be doing business together soon.

Dear Rod,

Sure will. How much do you charge per word?

Thanks for the quick response Syed,

My rates are negotiable. How much do you guys usually settle on ? Do you offer better rates when the terminology is more advanced like in Legal field, or Pharmaceutical ?

I know there is a lot of overseas competition which gets tough when you calculate the exchange rate, however, you get what you pay for many times, and overseas translators can’t perform with cultural aspects, dialects, and Native USA English and Latin American Spanish.

With that said, the most I am able to charge has been .10 usd per word, but those rates are few and far between in projects because of the tough competition overseas.

For Diplomas, Transcripts and Certificates, I usually charge per page, since I try to keep the fonts the same, graphics, seals, signatures and pictures…  in re-created documents. I noticed that clients appreciate this and when I deal with Agencies, they realize that the quality I provide is good enough for them to charge more for my work. Therefore, a per page project of this sort turns out to about 10-15 usd per page.

Usually I end up settling somewhere between .05 and .08 usd per word when the project is just text to translate.

If you visit my website you can click the rates tab and learn more about other services I provide for the industry.

Anyway, this has been an instructive communication cycle. If you wouldn’t mind Syed, with your permission, may I post the conversation we’ve had on my blog ?

Let me know.

Dear Rod,

Thanks for your feedback and sharing your thoughts. I totally agree with you and that’s why we only assign projects to our local freelance translators for English<>Spanish and English<>other languages to be used in US territory. But of course language pairs to be used overseas are only assigned to native language translators.

We pay $0.05 per word English<>Spanish to all our US based translators and $20.00 flat for small certificates upto 1 page. So, if you think this is something you would consider please let me know.

Yes you can go ahead and post our conversation on your blog.

Dear Syed,

Count me in. I am interested. Thank you for allowing our conversation to be published. I am sure it will benefit our industry as a whole. I look forward to our ventures. Bye for now.

p.s. :   I’ll send you a link to the blog of the conversation after I publish it.

Great. Welcome a board.

Thank you and best regards,


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