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Alternative Fuels Tech

Posted by Legal / Medical Interpreter on 07/16/2010

  • Rod Novillo Bacterial life survives in the stratosphere, making it a part of the biosphere. Hovering tech already exists utilizing pole reversal tech… I bet u could even grow ethanol producing spore farms even up in the thermo-sphere…
    2 seconds ago ·  ·

  • Rod Novillo Now… w BP on ‘probation’ and oil industry ‘red-tape’ regulatory reform… it’s over boys and titties… NOW enter–> bio/alternative/recyclable fuels ERA…
    19 minutes ago ·  ·
    Novillo Buffet wrote this morn–> “There were 2000 car companies since ’30 s, but now only 3 are left in the U.S. and they are barely hanging on….. blah blah blah” GREAT ! Good job GM and FORD for flex-fuel and (baby steps) NOW make that juice readily available already !19 minutes ago · Rod Novillo Rod Novillo What u do is create multiple ethanol farms hovering in the stratosphere layer(R)—> The stratosphere (from the Latin stratus, meaning ‘a spreading out’) is the second major layer of Earth’s atmosphere, just above the troposphere, and below the mesosphere. It is stratified in temperature, with warmer layers higher up and cooler layers farther down.9 minutes ago ·
    Rod Novillo ‎…and we grow these ethanol stratosphere farms to cover the poles, hence, eliminating all global warming and ozone layer related problems, since they would be creating somewhat of a shielding effect… it might just work …5 minutes ago ·

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