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Old Politics/Old Capital v.s. Alternative Fuel Tech

Posted by Legal / Medical Interpreter on 07/28/2010

Rod Novillo and Growth Energy shared a link.

Rod Novillo via Growth Energy: Between ethanol, electric, hydrogen and propane… there is absolutely no need for oil based fuels to be available at the pump—> Let the closure of BP Rig mark our new era of economic renewal. There is much debate on the subject of who, what, when, where, how, and why regarding alternative fuel tech.–> This nation’

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It’s time for the federal government to move beyond offering tax credits to companies that combine ethanol with gasoline, said the CEO of the fourth-largest ethanol producer in the country.

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    • Rod Novillo

      the single most important backbone of things to come for this economy. Obama’s initiatives even to the point of seemingly tyrannical overtones is not only necessary, but expected–> The centralization of authority in the President alone is particularly crucial ……

      14 hours ago · · 
    • Josh Budimlya

      While I get what you are saying, I have yet to hear what fuel is going to pull my suburban and my race bikes like good old leaded gas can. Ethanol doesn’t have near the power potential and its murder on the internals of your engine. And hydrogen, well, what was the name of that blimp again?

      Its all good in theory, but that’s about it. Ask Al Gore why he doesn’t power his private jet with Ethanol. Nuff said.

      about an hour ago · · 
    • Rod Novillo

      Come on dog! One of the reason corvette racing moved up to gt2 and won 5 straight years in gt1 is because they blasted E15 (85% ethanol 15% gas) out the 8 shooter… Yes it’s corrosive, and that’s why whole fuel system gets reinforced… Also, it is 96 octane bro! And denser on molecules than gas, hence more bang(volume compression) per piston, but little less gas mileage, however, at 2.50 per gallon, mileage is compensated for. Hydrogen in general is quite volatile, I agree, that’s why its fuel cell production comes into play as needed— meaning: at least for now, w a couple of electrolosys reactors easily incorporated into any engine, hydrogen molecules are separated from water as car is running and combusting as needed complementary to ethanol or propane or electricity or gas. I had a chance to do some experimenting in FL where DMV rules are laxed, and the hydrogen atom is literally BOMB… A small amount creates the cleanest most powerful explosion you’ll ever witness (converting it back to oxygen and water) which is why it is recommended to sup up exhaust system to stainless steel and coating top of pistons w/ ceramic to prevent oxidation.

      All in all I do get your point, and except for flex fuel ready rides, present oil burners are not equipped to blast more corrosive fuel cells, however, I say– sup up our rides w all the bail out dough… Yo! Which GM has done w flexfuel, but funny thing, the juice is not readily available. I got to ride 50 miles to closest fill up station for the stuff.

      CNG (clean natural gas) is also something of interest, however, it is again more volatile than gas.

      I think the truest of prototypes are those pioneering hybrids that incorporate multiple fuel types in one.
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